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1st Project in Kepong - Early Adopter for our High Tech System

Finding a Early Adopter for License Plate Recognition (LPR) Parking System For the past 3 months, we met over a hundred Building Managements to introduce our LPR system. We managed to close 3 buildings as our early adopters. We would like to express our appreciation for believing in us. As early adopters and beta testers, they enjoy a discounted rate for our system and a 5 year warranty.  Progress picture and report of the installation: All this is thanks to our professional installers who worked under the hot sun to install our system.   Finally a snapshot of our back end system for the admin. Now let us show you our system in action.

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Why use License Plate Recognition Parking System ?

Obviously this facility makes life for residents/ owners very convenient as they can breeze though the entrance without needing tags or entry cards. With this effectively you will not need to stop your car to flash your access card at the boom gate as you would with other mechanisms. A seamless entry and exit will be experienced using our system. This system is fail safe as unlike access cards which can be cloned and misused, this number plate recognition is precise and specific, meaning only authorised entry is permitted.

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