Why use License Plate Recognition Parking System ?

MeLAB Global LPR Smart Parking
Ever visited your friends who live in a condo or in a gated community? Ever experienced the delay or inconvenience of queuing up at the guard house with your Identification Card (IC) or driving license and waiting for your details to be manually inserted before getting a laminated card or even a sheet of paper proclaiming you as a visitor?

Ever felt frustrated when encountering rude, surly, incompetent security guards? Most often before even entering the premises, you’d have to park your car at some distance away from the guard house, or the parking near the guard house which could be full? At some locations you’d have to wait for the security guard to approach you or even worse it could be raining heavily? All this before entering the premises can sometimes be tedious and frustrating. You get the idea?

Often we don’t appreciate having to surrender our Identification Card (IC) or driver's license as by law we should have these returned to us immediately. And what happens if you lose that laminated card/ paper? Unbelievable but that can happen and you’ll suffer a minimum of RM50 deficit.

There is a solution to this unnecessary situation. There’s no denying that the security of our residence is paramount. So why not make life easier? This way there is no opportunity for uninvited guests to enter the premises. Security is guaranteed and is very convenient.
Melab parking system
The owner of the residence simply needs to pre register their guests. Provision of the car licence plate number, make and approximate time of arrival is sufficient. When your guests arrive they are able to drive straight into the compound as the license plate recognition situated at entry boom gate can read the number plate. Guests are freely able to drive through.

Obviously this facility makes life for residents/ owners very convenient as they can breeze though the entrance without needing tags or entry cards. With this effectively you will not need to stop your car to flash your access card at the boom gate as you would with other mechanisms. A seamless entry and exit will be experienced using our system. This system is fail safe as unlike access cards which can be cloned and misused, this number plate recognition is precise and specific, meaning only authorised entry is permitted.